travel, china, Asia, bus, comfortable, adventure, trip, film, movies, sleeping bus, individual, vacation We are American/Polish - Chinese couple living in China for the last 13 years. During this time we organized few businesses, managed modern sofa production and International sales by Internet and by California warehouse. Now is time to slow-down and concentrate on Chinese businesses.
We offer long busses converted for sleeping and travel up to 8 people. Bus is operated by Chinese driver and trip is managed by person who speek Chinese and English, this person managed also cooking, purchasing daily products and serving.

After arriving to China by Hong Kong or by Guangzhou you will stay in our house in Heshan in Center of Pear Delta River learn a little about Chinese life, be familiar with our operations and our staff and plan your trip. Locally we commute by our white Lincoln Town Car streach limo ( and you may use this car as well. Car is driven by our drivers. During trip you may stay also in our vacation house in Guangxi province in Bama Longevity Valley.
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This place is famous all over the world as one of 5 places where people live very long.

We organizing sleeping buss tour around China - You may make own Movies on this trip and publish on Internet to make money.
You will plan own 8 people trip with driver and cook-tranlator, set own places to visit, how long you want to stay in any places, you will be own boss.
Our large economical LNG powered bus is equiped with solar generated AC/heater, large refrigidator, Microwawe oven, coffe machine, Internet, WC, inside and outside shower, kitchen, 8 memory foam beds and large comfortable sofas, Movie camera with lighting equipment, motorcycle and scooter